What the Earth gave Me #poetry


I love the way the Air buzzes

And the bees sing their angry staccato song

I’m grateful these bees dont sting

And so far the hornets have not

I’m grateful for only a few bug bites

That I have learned to locate early

And treat successfully

I’m grateful for a blue sky

With white clouds above

The green line of the mountain top


I am grateful for a sun so bright

I have to shutter my eyelids

Just to look in to this

Amazing alive world

To stretch and feel the surface

Of last nights stone pressed

Into the muscle through the skin

For water that is filled with the fertilizing miracle that is bird shit

I am accepting of the imperfection

That borders every ideal placement

I make of this rainbow of colors and

Sounds this kaleidoscope of worldly sensations and symbols I wake up to feel Your soft green skin your victorious pebble beneath my bed trying to break my back with your unrelenting Wildness it is to you only to you That I can break can surrender

In the dark under the full moon stars

Tossed and tangled against the navy

Night sky my breath echos of painful memories bouncing off night bird calls and the palpable stillness that is this planet at night floating through the dark side in the morning I am taken again and the story unfolds over

And over in this after life my small

Life after the pain after the cheers

When all the noise of life has receded

Back down the country road again

I am never able to forget for even a moment in my sensational waking dream that I am alive that I am alive

On this earth that she has everything I

May need and I am never never alone