The Bitch is Back

The prodigal Goddess has returned. After a year in Asia, the place looks the same but I feel very different. And it's off to #Chicago #BDSM May 12-16 to book email


Greetings from Washington DC! Mistress wanted to take a moment to update you now that I am back in the US. I was greeted at the airport by one of my longest serving subs (10+ years) who shuttled me around, shared a cup of coffee and generally kept Mistress in good mood while the jet lag kicked in full force.


I spent the first few days back in Baltimore with my kinky side kick @kiarrith who is a submissive disguised as an invaluable friend. Every time I find myself somehow mysteriously on my way to the destination in a timely manner, hydrated with time for hair and makeup and accurate directions - I always have her to thank. This week it was walking to my lecture at Johns Hopkins that I realized once again she had done it. In the past this magic has helped Mistress succeed at many special events and workshops. It's a real treat for me when I can just focus on my work and it's a gift that a skilled service bottom (or slave or submissive) is especially good at giving. 


Johns Hopkins was the best it’s ever been. I’ve lectured there for a few years now, once a semester, for the human sexuality and gender class. The students at JHU are by far the most serious cohort I’ve ever worked with even more serious than GWU or Georgetown. So when I get them to laugh, it means a lot to me. I posted a live stream of one of the lectures (I lecture for three two hour classes in one day so lots of talking and sharing) and although the video is low quality, the information I share is priceless so I do hope you will check it out.



The following day, my third full day back in the country I was able to reconnect with a friend and regular client. The client and I have a lot in common including a love of sensual bondage, think scarves and beautiful silky things, and no not even for crossdressing, just bondage. Sensual, by the way, is not a description of the application, but the material, which is to say I can make severe ties from beautiful things. This time the surprise I brought along was a small tool to begin exploring sensation play while my client was tied to a chair and immobile. Next time we are going to begin exploring mummification together. I’m excited to consider what types of beautiful feminine materials we can pervert to create the vision.


Then Friday it was back to the boy, and the fur babies, and the feathered babies, and the land - oh my goddess the land. And the sunrise and the sunset and the WIND - the price paid for such priceless views. The first night I ground my sacral chakra so hard against the Earth I think I created a new style of kundalini yoga. In the meantime, I'm available for lectures and lessons with individuals and groups in Washington DC and Baltimore. I prefer as much advance notice as possible. Sincere submissives only. Novices welcome. Email your questions to and follow me on and instagram - domina_vontanadc. Thanks and be good! Miss Vee