Full Moon in Pisces + Mars Direct = What is a Cathartic Beat Down?

A couple weeks ago I posted ISO a ‘beat down’ and today I want to explain more what that means and what I intended because in my quiet time I am reminded that the language of kink is strong and not always for public consumption, at least not anyway, without a further explanation.


A beat down is a style of impact play. Impact play is what a lot of people think of when they think of BDSM. The first reason is because impact play is organized around a set of tools - namely whips, paddles, floggers or any pervertible or similar item that may be used to make contact with the receiver’s body. The receiver  is the submissive.


Of course these items are not required for successful impact play. It is about the impact after all and that is achieved a myriad of ways, determined by the terms of the agreement set about during a negotiation between the giver(s) (top/dominant) and the receiver(s) (bottom/submissive).


What I was calling for is often referred to as a “cathartic” beat down. I many have left the cathartic part off just to see who had the balls to come through. It’s a way to screen potential slaves. A beat down is simply heavy impact play. I define heavy, or any scale of intensity for the receiver, based on the receiver’s self reporting. It’s nice if I want to go hard, but that might not be possible. I’ve found in the past connecting with the submissive is more rewarding than any kind of predetermined punishment I may have fantasized about doling out. So that is the reward and one of the primary objectives of kink - to connect mentally, emotionally, physically and/or spiritually - with the other player(s).


I think this is part of what puts BDSM in its own category, prioritizing pleasure, connecting, experience and release over duty or procreation. Each player is an individual and will have a different mix of motivating desires. What’s also highly individualized is the players response to the intensity (pain/pleasure) and exchange (bondage/discpline) and the outcomes of that response (aftercare/drop...more on this later).


If a beat down is something considered heavy (say 8 on a scale of 1 to 10) then a cathartic beat down is an impact play scene that will most likely involve banter, roleplay, flogging, paddling and/or whipping. A beat down will require significant effort by all parties. The giver may punch the receiver in the torso or immobilize the receiver and then be responsible for moving their body when different positions are desired.


Most scenes that involve impact play will result in increased respiration and pulse. There is often sweating, and significant shouting, moaning or yelling. There may be loud music playing which adds another lay of stimuli. There may be other people watching (exhibitionism/voyeurism). On the other hand the receiver might experience heightened sensitivity to sensation if sensory deprivation is applied; a hood or blindfold.