Feeling Blue

We’ve all heard of the red room. And even before that, some of us knew that “red” was the most common safe word. Then if you played with others there might be a “yellow” but usually there was no “green” because let’s face it – everyone agrees green is the agreed upon signal. When it comes to BDSM once the game is on, the scene has started and the implements have been applied and snapped into place “green” is what it’s all about. Do me do me do me please! Am I right? or in My case, I’m going to do do do you! 

But even in the doing certain things feel better than others. Some things even feel JUST SO GOD DAMN RIGHT. So perfect. All at once your Dom(me) hits that perfect spot in such a way that it is not only exactly the sensation you’ve always craved and never known was possible BUT – it is repeatable. You know and your body is screaming at you that if they just repeated that one little stroke or whip of the implement (hand, crop, actual whip lol) that you could feel that good all over again...and again...and again.

Well friends, in that moment, let me introduce you to BLUE, your new best friend and the latest safe word making the hot rounds of the even hotter, sweatier dungeon play parties and bedroom showdowns.

It’s that simple – sure if you want it to stop, say “red.” If you want it to slow down, say “yellow” and if your Dom is doing something right, oh SO righ that you think your spirit might have just exploded inside your body in ecstasy, well then…for Goddess’s sake SAY IT - "Blue!" Because now you have a word for that too.

Because knowing what you don’t want (red/yellow) is important, but knowing what you DO want? Is empowering.

So next time your honey caresses or cracks you with just the right toy tip or tool? TELL THEM

Say it sub, I want to hear you say it – “Blue.” Because even tops need to know when they’re doing something just right, because NO ONE is a mind reader. And you deserve to feel as good as humanely possible. 

bluuue...means do it again please