Summer of Decadence



Summertime. Where are your tan lines?

Lotus Blooms has a hot new spot opening this month in DC. I managed to make it out last Tuesday to my favorite open mic in Adams Morgan and along the way I made a point to pass by the new store front. I love it. I think it's going to be such a great space for this new chapter in the company's evolution. Some of my favorite people work at this business so be sure to support them. A great first step is to take a class.

Sinnery will not be hosting MSND this year – but there is an MSND themed Sip and Sinn on August 8th in DC. There’s also Halloween and NYE to look forward to and Mistress will be there! In the meantime, go visit Jurgen and Laurie at there new hair salon in Alexandria, Mixology. Congrats guys!

It’s hot. Everywhere. The mountains, the beach, DC, the South. And that’s all the places I’ve been the past six weeks. So I know.

It’s the summer of decadence, according to the stars. So be sure to put on some bling and wear it out one hot sweaty night in August. Plans for the fall are still in the works. I’ll keep you posted.

Right now I’m waiting to hear back about another podcast interview so you have that to look forward to. I’m loathe to do my own press so I appreciate it when others approach me to help out with their projects.

The garden is over grown. My 9 month old puppy, Khabib is the biggest one in the pack. Venus is retrograde. Don’t do anything to change your look. I lost a friend this week, my style guru. He was my only Dom ever, and my gay BFF. He bought me my first pair of stilettos, a size too small, and forced me to march around Dupont until my feet bled. I stopped once, and he broke a branch off a tree and threatened me with it. I loved him for it.

Bye Bea.