The Sexual Minority Report - #SexPositiveDC and MOS (man on the street)

Sexual minority is the umbrella term I use to describe myself. In the alphabet soup of sexuality (BDSM LGBTQIA) what we really need is a clear and concise term that at once brings us together while also including OTHER sexual minorities that may not feel comfortable using a letter to describe their sexuality. Or for people like myself. I am queer and kinky. I can't possibly pack around that many letters the rest of my life. 

Woo what a weekend. A new moon, a new year for this Goddess. Broken car, broken phone, broken communication. Then we hit.

I filmed my first new project in a while this week, for a friend who is taking a class at Arlington Independent Media. My life felt like an episode of Project Green Light. I skipped family dinners to stay on the phone texting, when it would text at all. Finally reaching the person you need to talk to takes time, and there is never enough of that in these matters.

I’m not surprised at all that this moment has finally arrived. For five solid years now I’ve been warming up the most intelligent and the most powerful city in the nation to take the next step forward in the sexual revolution. After gay marriage and marijuana the next legalization effort needs to move forward the sexual minority agenda. This time the change needs to come at the policy level. Anyone other than heterosexual, monogamous individuals are a sexual minority and we deserve the same rights and protections as the majority. Sexual minorities include but are not limited to: kinky people, polyamorous people, LGBT people, sex workers, and survivors of sexual abuse.  

My hope is that this project serves everyone who participated.

Thanks to LivingSexyDC for hosting the sit down interview segment. We got to peep the warehouse while they were in prep for the annual Halloween extravaganza. I hadn’t been there in two years and I was amazed. There are now multiple levels, full bathroom facilities and like all things Sinn-ergy it is tastefully and well done. Tickets are still available but going fast. Checkout their website for more info and be aware there is a screening process so don't wait until the last minute or you'll have to wait until NYE to party with this group of sexy, intelligent, stylish people.  

Thanks to Studio 384 for organizing our crew – Kristina, Tom and Rachel – and thanks most of all to the people we met in Old Town on Sunday night, during the holiday weekend. It was hopping and as the sun went down on the water, the questions came out, and so did the light.

Here is what I learned – in this city sexuality is a front and center global dialogue. We discussed sex, love and family relationships in Asia, the middle East, and Latin America. All are participants were randomly recruited on the spot based solely on their willingness to be on camera. Our final couple was a bondage model and her husband. After a week of failed schedules, failed phones and failed attempts to make the short doc of our dreams, we ended up with something even better.

The piece is scheduled to air later this year and will be available online.

Yesterday I retreated to the farm, climbed onto the boys yoga deck and had a 90 minute vulnerability hangover. I have no idea what the finished piece will look like. I do not edit the film. I do not write the music, I barely get a say in the script. I live to foam roll. And after the shaking and a few tears and a lot of grimaces all I can say is – I hope it’s not a piece of shit. I hope that at this point I have learned a thing or two about what to expect because media can be vicious and everyday in my career is an uphill battle against stigma, shame and discrimination. Kristina is a film professional who I have followed since my days at Lotus Blooms. I trust her skills and her understanding of the subject. Together we want to take the shame out of sex.

What does #SexPositiveDC mean to you?