Sunday Morning 2 Days Post #Fullmoon #Eclipse #Ballbusting

Is Mistress the only one who can't stop listening to #LadyGaga since the Superbowl? Er, big game I mean. Because apparently they can charge you money if you say Superbowl now. Meh.


I'm here, bloggin with no real intention except to make a more consistent appearance.

Wana hear about what the ladies and I did last night? Goddess bless my vanilla crew. Sure finding the kink community was important because I needed a space to explore this part of myself, but it is my vanilla crew that holds it down. It is the REST OF MY LIFE  that is not kinky that actually gives me happiness because I wasn't whole until I went BACK to the vanilla life I left behind and INTEGRATED my kinky life. Took the kink, discovered I wasn't a freak, that I could be all these things - queer, kinky, sex worker - and that regular folk could still love me. And be with me, and share with me. I don't think this is something that the occasional player can appreciate but those who have disappeared down the rabbit hole, like myself, know exactly what I'm talking about.

For years I believed that, most unconsciously, that I would never be surrounded by people again, unless they were wearing leather and latex. And guess what? Turns out I don't really like most people that wear a lot of leather and latex. It's too easy to loose perspective when you spend all your waking hours chasing that next power exchange. What I miss most is not the play parties filled with cries of pleasure and pain, but the private one-on-one sessions with my darlings. I never played with a sub in a professional session that I didn't adore. Mostly this is because it's real easy for a man, any man, to behave himself for an hour and a half (Mistress doesn't play for just an hour, I want more of you than that and that takes time). Of course it doesn't hurt that these men were paying a tribute. Wana kick a man where it counts? It's not his balls, it's his wallet.

Speaking of Ball Busting, that sounds like a pleasant place to end this blurb of a blog so let's do it. Let's go there. You say what? You want Mistress to kick you between the legs? Sure...but first let's rewind all the way back to the elementary playground, because that's where it all started for this sexy pervert. At least in the ball busting department.

There was this one girl. And she wasn't special or fancy she was just mean. And the boys knew it. I would hide in the shadow of the building, rough red brick tickling my finger tips while I bit one nail and winced as she nailed them, all, over and over again. Just kicking them straight between the legs. Like they couldn't run away (eye roll) and there was this one boy, he'd just take it, over and over again. 

She was brutal. This was not sexy. A fucking teacher SHOULD have busted it the fuck up. Meaning breaking the scene because it was so inappropriate. No one old enough to consent, not the time, not the place, cruel and potentially damaging. And how about abusive? Yea def that...but ya know what kids, this kid? I fucking knew better, even then, hiding in the shadows, watching her sick performance, I was interested sure. But even I knew then, it was not the place or time.

Fast forward twenty years and I got my chance. The first phone call, the first request, "Will you do a ball busting scene for me? Will you kick me in the balls, as hard as you can?"

And Mistress instantly found her favorite way to bring a man to his knees.

Know what else I found? Another way to play with one of my most favorite elements of spice - ANTICIPATION. 

Face it, these guys are paying for at least an hour of my time, probably more (see above) but guess what you can't do for 90 minutes? kick a man in the balls. You know what you can do? 

1. Talk with him about his desire, make hime #confession, #negotiation (pro tip - they will always try to convince you they can take more than they actually can, play along but keep this in mind when it's performance time).

2. Tie him up to a cross, nice and slow, while you look him in the eyes and lick your lips as the adrenaline of fear begins to wash across his face (quick note - if tying a man up to bust his balls on a cross make sure to secure the waist and to use thick cuffs or rope because if he goes limp you do not want all the pressure on the wrists, also make sure the base of the cross is extremely secure/solid/heavy). Pro note: there are many positions for ballbusting just like there are many positions for, er, most naked things but this post is just about this one position because I crave seeing the adrenaline fear wash across the subs face so eye contact is essential for me in this type of scene)

3. Warm up. Give those balls a good rub, grab em, tug on em, get the blood flowing, sensation them up and the entire time - talk to him about what you're about to do to those balls. If his dick gets too hard and will potentially block your aim, because trust he wants his balls kicked not his dick I promise, grab some GD duct tape or similar and strap that thing to his belly, better yet if his hands are free, make him hold his own dick.

4. Step back look at your prey, strapped and helpless, begging and helpless, begging you to do the thing you're about to do, and SOAK IT UP. Ok, maybe it's just me but the sight of a man, leg's spread, about to get the shit kicked out of him? #priceless #delicious 

5. Pick your poison - barefoot, boots or stilettos? I like to start with stilettos, turn around lean back into your prey and lift your stiletto to poke at his sack with the heel of your shoe. Enjoy the vibration while his gasp and groans tickle the back of your neck, his hard cock pressing into the ass of your leather/latex/lingerie/blue jeans. 

6. Step forward, off the prey, turn around, ask if he's ready, ask if he's really ready? Then unload as hard as you can. The chances of a woman in stilettos being able to balance and strike hard enough to do damage to a man who wants and is therefore likely experienced with having his balls busted? Not very likely. Unless you're just intent on doing damage and in that case you don't belong anywhere near a dungeon.

And sigh...make him thank you. Make him count. If going full strength, Mistress can usually get off three really good kicks in a 20 minute period. The rest is rest, run, delight, tease, confess, repeat. It's the best. All the begging, talking, and finally the noise they make when you connect?It's like a whump, and inhale, air diving backwards down the throat sucked up by the hole you just made in the root chakra.

My favorite? bare foot in stilettos. That moment when the skin of the top of my foot connects with the flesh of that sack? My panties are wet right now just thinking about it...