Retail and Event - Client/Customer Review "The Zen Domina"

Once upon a time Mistress worked @Lotus_Blooms and I loved every second of it because the vibe and the products were the best available - luxury, body safe, sex positive, female focused, lush, romantic and beautiful. The following review is from a customer who would frequently shop at the store with his wife. I was also able to enjoy their presence at a few of the events I hosted for @LivingSexyDC. I wanted to share this particular review because it's a comment I receive often and has come to be a sort of emotional trademark and also the reason I am invited back to guest lecture at Universities every semester.

According to my clients, customers, students and yes even my vanilla friends, lol, I have the ability to convey complex and sensitive sexual information in a way that sets the other parties at ease. When this is accomplished the other parties discover they too can discuss their most personal desires with ease and confidence. People just open up, surprising even themselves, with their hidden ability to express their needs and wants. It is at once liberating and fascinating and a phenom that I have come to look forward to with each of my academic (laymen or professional) encounters.

Thank you to my clients who have reached out recently to share words of admiration, love, praise and devotion. You will never know how much your live and support means to Mistress. I am so glad to have the opportunity to share your kind words. I hope they help future seekers find a Dominant who is worthy of their service. All of these reviews were unsolicited delights that arrive in my inbox on a regular and I've decided to begin sharing.

It's short and sweet and I hope you enjoy.

"How are things? Are you still active as a Domina? Me and the wife often talk about you and how relaxed you made the shop you worked and in fun. And how you really were a calming person to have around some of the events we went to."