What To Say if A Man Tries to Masturbate In Front of you

Disclaimer #1 - I was super sick in this video but I did it anyway bc #goals

Disclaimer #2 - I totally fucking resent having to consider my appearance every time I post. Like I'm mad jealous of male youtubers who just hop on there w a dash of chapstick and a grin. Like fuck you guys. But it's my fault really. I'm a #libra - so even if I wasn't a woman and socially scorned for my physical appearance, I'd probably still be really obsessed with it. As such, making just these first two videos took a lot of soul searching, vulnerability and risk taking bc

Disclaimer #3 - I don't know shit about lighting, sound, film or editing. So for those of you who say you like it raw - here ya are. And to the haters who love to criticize whilst they sit on their arse doing nothing - here ya go. PS - I eat your hate.