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Sisters of the Circle Sacred Women's Ritual - Scorpio Season New Moon Ceremony

Wednesday, November 07, 2018 · 5:00 PM – 9:00 PM  

Location:Private residence


Dress code: As you wish



Ceremonies are held on the new and full moons most months. All women are welcome.

Space is limited and service roles are available. Those who wish to cross dress for the ritual are encouraged to partake of the community closet prior to the ceremony.

Each congregation is hand picked by the Goddesses who will be present. If you are selected to dress and serve it is considered an honor. Training prior to service may be require for those who wish to serve but do not meet house standards.

More info…

All events are crossdresser trans and gender queer inclusive.

Our intent is to honor and uplift the divine feminine in an effort to help restore the ancient balance of the masculine and feminine. Cis women, transwomen and anyone who lives fulltime as a female (butch and queer very welcome) is strongly encouraged to attend. Your presence is integral to the success of this event. All goddesses will receive gifts to honor the gift of their time and presence.

What the world needs now is more sissies. The cure for toxic masculinity might be crossdressers. Our events are designed to create a space that embodies the divine feminine in all present. At this event, only the divine feminine will be embodied, honored and worshiped - in all her forms.

Those living fulltime as a women perform the role of and hold space for the Goddess. Anyone who does not live full time as a woman is required to dress in a fashion that honors the feminine and will perform in a service orientated, submissive role.

The ceremony is simple in it's arrangement, storied in it's history and we work with tarot cards and spiritual exercises. The highlight of every circle is always the sharing that happens between the women and the circle. There will be a talking stick (or doll).

This is not a play party. It is a ceremony and ritual. While we sincerely hope you may connect with a future play partner at one of our events, that is not the purpose.

We are an evolving community and hope you will join us on our path of discovery as we grow.

To learn more about the origin story for this community building effort - please visit my youtube channel