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Dec 31, 2016 – Sinn-Ergy’s NYE Hotel event “A Red Carpet Affair…Are you on the list?”

Dec 31, 2016 – Sinn-Ergy’s NYE Hotel event “A Red Carpet Affair…Are you on the list?”



NYE Hotel Event,

“A Red Carpet Affair”

(as of Nov 30 this event is already over 55% sold out – A new record!)

NoVA largest, most extravagant & erotic Hotel Event…with the most selective, fun, classy, sexy, flirtatious guests.

…Are you on the list?

Bring in 2017 – Sinn-Ergy style…for couples and single females who enjoy Living Sexy®

When: Saturday, December 31, 2016 – 8pm till 3 am.

Where: A 3 Diamond star Hotel in DC area that is not only thrilled to have us and like the hotel last year, also has an unparalleled views which we know you will appreciate and enjoy!

We negotiated an incredible low $10 self parking fee for the night for our guests at the hotel.

As with all our events, for the confidentiality of our guests as well as the hotel, the exact location will only be provided a few days prior to the event to paid guests only. Like the last 5 NYE events, we know you will not be disappointed.

Theme: “A Red Carpet Affair”…Are you on the list?

Dress Code: 

For the main event: Formal attire. We suggest classy, sexy long or short evening or cocktail dresses, for the guys a tux or nice suit. As this  is “A Red Carpet Affair”, this is your time to dress like your favorite star or how you always imagined yourself on the Red Carpet.

For the Sexy Boudoir After Party: which starts around 12.30 am, we suggest a wardrobe change into sexy lingerie for the ladies and something sexy for the man as well.

Who attends our events?

Over the last 6+ years, Sinn-Ergy has worked hard to build an reputation of providing our select selective guests with quality events, M&G, trips, etc., that are discrete, classy, sexy, fun and take our guests in an erotic “Cirque de Soleil” type fantasy world, even if it just for a night. We put great value and effort, so our guests feel they can explore their fantasies at their own comfort level without feeling pressured and without any expectations from others in a discrete environment. We have our own security staff of highly trained professional who understand the nature of our events and the need for discretion and safety.

With regards to our member selection. We literally, read through 1,000’s of profiles a year and as we have grown and people enjoyed our events, are getting more and more referrals from our current members, something we really appreciate and encourage. For every 10 applications, on average, we only accept 4 to 5, (for referrals it’s about 8) which is why it took 6+years to grow our membership to now close to 5,000 members!

Although, for the discretion of each of our guests, we never show our guest lists for any of our events on our website, what you will know about the other guest attending is that they all went through the same screening process so you know you will be in good company! We never valued quantity over quality, especially when it came to the admission of new members. Although we do not care what you do, what ethnicity you are, your age, your weight, whether you are tall or small, etc., we do care that you are classy, sexy, fun, and take care of yourself.

Last, but certainly not least, on average, for every event, we have between 30% and 40% new Sinn-Ergy members attend. Why is this important? As part of Living Sexy is to explore and create new experiences, we think it is important that we minimize the feeling of “clicks”. By having a large number of new members at each event, we do exactly that and instead increase the possibility of meeting and making new friends and unexpected amazing experiences. At all our events, we are all there to meet of and make new friends, so dress to impress and make it a point to introduce yourself to at least 2 new couples…from what we have heard and seen, the result might surprised you ;o)


Members have been asking us to bring back the FREE Living Sexy® Seminars this year so we decided that on Dec 31, during the day, we will have a few Seminars. Last time all the seminars were packed, so make sure to get your free tickets asap so you will be able to partake. More information to follow soon.

Event Description:

As this year NYE falls on a Saturday, not only do we expect that this will be our largest NYE event we ever organized, it will also be the largest of any lifestyle NYE event in the NOVA area, so please book early to make sure you bring in 2017 with 500+ of your sexy friends, old and new.

This will be our 6th Anniversary New Year Eve Event. To celebrate, we found a hotel that we think you will enjoy. We are especially excited about the view, location and history of the after-party space we were able to secure. Although, due to confidentiality agreement with the hotel, we are not be able to divulge, we know you will love it.

Why not bring in 2017 with 500+ other sexy guests? If you have been to any of our events or prior NYE events you know we pull all the stops for this event and this year will be no different.

Enjoy a “Cirque De Soleil” type environment while bringing in 2017 with 500+ sexy Sinn-Ergy members, many of whom will become your closest friends in one of the sexiest and sensually stimulating environments. Get in touch with all your senses in our “senses room”, get to know other couples while sipping on “signature cocktail” andsome delicious appetizers & desserts. Get your pictures taken with old and new friends or meet other sexy people in the lounge area.

Feel a little wilder? Dance your heart out in the dance area where the music mixed by our popular DJ & the amazing light show will keep you most certainly happily on your feet and dance your heart out.

All this while you will enjoy some amazing professional “Red Carpet” themed entertainment brought in from California, Florida and NOVA throughout the night.

…and just when you think it is all over…

There is a Second Party starting at 12.30 till 3 am

Once you changed in something a little more revealing we will meet you in our after party lounge area, we think not only will the view of the other sexy guests take you breath away so will your view of the city skyline ;o)

We will go from sexy to spicy to…well you decide, but we think that with the help of a complimentary glass of champagne you will have so much fun exploring, at your own pace, themed rooms, including a “50 shades of grey” rooms manned by professional dominatrices & other experts that are there to help/teach/show you whichever shade you prefer. Other theme rooms to be announced as we get closer to the event

So why wait and take a chance you can’t get tickets as many of our events do sell out. Get your tickets now and be ensured that you will be bringing in 2017 in “Sinn-Ergy” style and create some sexy memories not easily forgotten…

We also will have our last Meet & Greet of 2016 on December 30th at the same hotel. This night is a great way to get to know some of the other guests before our NYE event. Last year we had close to 150 people attend our M&G.

We have some great Hotel rates for Dec 30, 2015 as well as January 1, 2016 in case you would like to stay an extra night (we always do), especially as this year you will have a whole weekend to enjoy and/or recover.

Please note: If book between Dec 30th and January 2nd, you will be able to stay in the same room for all the nights . If you like to come before Dec 30th, please contact us and we will help make arrangements so you will be able to stay all nights in the same room at a great rate.

4 Hour Open Bar:

Last year, we did a 4 hour open bar and the positive feedback was tremendous. Our guests felt, overwhelmingly, that the open bar allowed them to enjoy all the performances throughout the night and make many more connections with other guests without having interruptions for standing in long bar lines to pay for drinks or even a need to go back and forth to their room.

So this year, we are going to do a 4 hour bar again for all our guests. We do understand that not all our guests drink alcohol but with an open bar we have to pay for all our guests regardless whether you drink or not. We feel so strongly about the benefit of the 4 Hour Open Bar that Sinn-Ergy will pay nearly 50% of the $50 pp, so our guest will only pay $27.50 pp, and with cocktails easily costing $12-15 on NYE, we think $27.50 per person for 4 hour Open Bar is a great deal for all our guests.

Event Packages:

These are about the same prices we charged for the last 5 years!

Save up to $230+ per Couple when you buy a Hotel, Party & Seminar Package

Important Message regarding Drinking and Driving: Especially as this hotel is not in DC itself, for your enjoyment & safety, we strongly recommend the Hotel & Party package as the after-party often goes till 2.30-3+am…and who wants to than still get in a car or Uber to go home, when you can walk to your room and sleep in & even decide to have breakfast in bed, alone orwith friends, before heading back home? Also, as this New Years falls on a Saturday, especially this area, every year has police road blocks to ensure people don't drink & drive...This is also why we only charge about $135 plus taxes/fees for the Dec 31 hotel room in the "Super early Bird" Hotel & Room Package!

When you buy Sinn-Ergy’s NYE Hotel & Party Package it includes;

–       One standard room in 3 diamond star hotel (incl. Hotel taxes)

–       Entrance to our Main Event

–       4 hours of Open Bar from 8 pm – 12 pm at only $27.50 pp (a 45% or $22.50 discount)

–       Free Entrance to our more Sexy Boudoir After Party

–       Delicious appetizers

–       All entertainment

–       Champagne to celebrate the New Year

–       Entrance to our M&G the night before

–       Free Living Sexy® Seminars on Dec 31

Please Note: Standard 4 hour Open Bar is $50pp less 45% Sinn-Ergy discount = $27.50pp.

New Year’s Eve Hotel & Event Package deals, event-only tickets, extra hotel nights and Suite upgrades***:

1) Super Early Bird Pricing (Ends Nov 12)*

a) Hotel & Party Couple Package $175* per person + $27.50 for 4-Hour Open Bar – Save $230+ pc

b) Hotel & Party Single Female Package $249* per person + $27.50 for 4-Hour Open Bar – Save $157.50

c) Main & After Party Only $99* Per person+ $27.50 for 4-Hour Open Bar –  Save $100 per couple (pc)

d) Dec 30th standard hotel room $125* Per Room – Save up to $45

e) Jan 1st standard hotel room $125* Per Room -– Save up to $45

 Standard cost of 4 hours of open bar = $50 pp less 45% Sinn-Ergy discount = $27.50  


2) Early Bird Pricing* (end Dec 10 at Midnight)

a) Hotel Room & Party Couple Package $189.00* Per person + $27.50 for 4-Hour Open Bar – Save $200+ 

b) Hotel Room & Party Single Female Package $275* per person+ $27.50 for 4-Hour Open Bar – Save $130+

c) Main & After Party Only $109* Per person+ $27.50 for 4-Hour Open Bar – Save $80 per Couple

d) Dec 30th standard hotel room $125* Per Room – Save up to $45

e) Jan 1st standard hotel room $125* Per Room -– Save up to $45

 Standard cost of 4 hours of open bar = $50 pp less 45% Sinn-Ergy discount = $27.50  


3) Sinn-Ergy Promo Pricing* (ends Dec 29thth at Midnight):

a) “Hotel & Party ” Package for Couples: $199* Per person+ $27.50 for 4-Hour Open Bar – Save $190

b) “Hotel & Party ” Package for single females: $299* per person+ $27.50 for 4-Hour Open Bar – Save $115

c) “Party & Open Bar Only” Package : $119* Per person+ $27.50 for 4-Hour Open Bar– Save $60

d) Suite Upgrade: $150 Per Room  – Save $50

e) Dec 30th standard hotel room $125* Per Room – Save up to $45

f) Jan 1st standard hotel room $125* Per Room

 Standard cost of 4 hours of open bar = $50 pp less 45% Sinn-Ergy discount = $27.50  


 Regular Pricing*

Hotel & Party Package for Couples $225 + $50 for 4 hr Open Bar Per person 

Hotel & Party Single Female Package $325* + $50 for 4 hr Open Bar

Main & After Party Only $125 + $50 for 4 hr Open Bar Per person

Suite Upgrade $200

Dec 30th standard room $169* Per Standard Room

Dec 31st – Hotel Room $249* Per Standard Room

Jan 1st standard room $169* Per Standard Room


*) plus hotel taxes & fees & transaction fees

***) all prices can change without notice

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