Sissy Summercamp Washington DC - Spend the Weekend with a Goddess Exploring your Feminine Side

Congratulations ladies, life just got a whole lot more beautiful.

I have an opportunity over the next few months to host a number of special guests at a home just outside Washington DC. Thanks to the generosity of the land owner we will have the entire property for just us, including 9 acres of beautiful mountain forests. Whatever your style is, it can become a reality in this beautiful setting surrounded by Mother Nature and guided by yours truly, Domina Vontana.

Most of our adventures will happen indoors, though. First step is a total transformation and then you can spend the rest of the time exploring your feminine side and the world around you. Some requests for makeup and clothing can be accommodated but undergarments are recommended. If you need help with wardrobe, Mistress may be able to come up with something for you.

What happens next is up to us. There’s a fabulous gay night club just up the road or we could go for a swim. Have you ever worn a bikini? Mistress has a bikini fetish. What’s sexier than a woman in a wet bikini? Nails, waxing, chastity? My fantasy is to take your transformation as deep and as far as it can go in the time we have together.

At night we will do what women have always done - we will cook, we will eat, we will drink, we will laugh and then we can do what girls do - we can curl up and watch movies in our pajamas. Mani pedis. Bellydance. Anything you can dream we can do.

What, too nice? You’d rather be forced to dress, humiliated and made to serve? Oh, no problem. We can do that too. Mistress always enjoys finding a slave’s limits. Just remember, we’re going to be in the middle of the woods so no one can hear you when you scream.

There will be rituals to purify and seal our time together.

It will be a weekend away that you will never forget. Weekdays are also available. Day trips are possible with advanced notice. All rates are negotiable because every guest is unique and deserves special attention to their needs. Rates start at $500 for overnight accommodations. Full dungeon services are available as well. This is the opportunity for you to attend the summer camp of your little girl dreams, with big girl themes. It won’t happen again. You deserve it. Get in touch. Email




Review from a client - Do your research before you surrender your self to some stranger

If you are considering booking a session with a professional dominatrix please read below for some words of advice and encouragement from an experienced submissive.

Mistress has just recently started soliciting reviews from regular clients and I have found their words of praise and gratitude to be almost as moving and meaningful as the time we spend together.

I hope that if you are booking a session this spring you will considering surrendering to me, Mistress Domina Vontana. This is especially true if you are a novice.


I have been a loyal client of Domina for over five years.  She is the best.

The world of dominatrixes and "mistresses" is full of women who purport themselves as professionals but who in truth are simply in the scene to make an extra buck.  Don't trust flashy websites.  The reality never lives up to the ads, especially in the mid-Atlantic region.

Domina Vontana is the real deal.  She is sexy, but more importantly, she is experienced and trustworthy.  Her skills as a dominatrix are superb, but her ability to contour the session to your personal desires are unparalleled.  She will leave you wanting more.

Domina has an uncanny sense to understand what you want, and then give you what you need, pushing you beyond your comfort zone.

She is a professional, assuring safety, cleanliness, and discretion.

I can't wait to be encased in her tight bondage again.


Announcing the next two Mantras #13mantras

Ok Kids, new week, new blog.

I’ve been kicking it in the Carolina’s because the weather has been puuurrrfect, but now it’s time to head home.

In case you’ve been wondering what’s up with my new project, the next set of mantras is forthcoming, in the final stages. My only hiccup has been locating reliable filming equipment. I believe there is a public access program somewhere with enough chops to support this project. And hail to them when this hits.

But the manuscript is done and ready to go and drumroll please…the next two mantras (a couple of my favorites) aaare…Negotiation and Adventure…let me break it down for you…

Negotiation is what comes first, before the play. Negotiation can be as simple as you like but I prefer a lengthy negotiation because I love to watch a submissive squirm. So your mantra for November is:

“You learn more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.” Will go more in depth with this with the manuscript later this month and vids that will only be available on my exclusive site. Some give credit to Plato for this quote, you can search Goggle and decide for yourself. I'm rolling with it because it's hopefully not the first time any of us have heard this little ditty, but it certainly won't be the last. And I love to play! so Mistress is excited to share this mantra with you next because the better the negotiation the better the play. 

The mantra for December is: Adventure Mode! This is the only mantra that gets double capitalization and an exclamation point because it is after all – Adventure Mode! And for December I will be taking you with me to Mexico (because I will have located a damn camera by then) and I will be there along with my Mother, or as she likes to call herself “Mommee Dommee, aka Mom of the Dom.” If there’s any question you’ve ever had about me, meeting my mother in Mexico will surely answer some of them. She has no idea it’s coming by the way. I’m gonna spring it on her guerilla-art-style because the last thing you want to do is give my Mom a chance to think about anything that makes her anxious. That’s a nono. Plus I know she'll love it. 

In addition to copies of my never before seen manuscript, informative videos and bonus content, I'll also be taking your questions! By the end of the year I will have a complete package available for the first three mantras - October (first times a dry run), November (you learn more in an hour of play than a year of conversation) and December (Adventure Mode!), along with a way to submit your question.

Until the end of the year every subscriber gets one free question up to 1,000 questions. That may sound like a lot but Mistress loves answering your questions! Again, this is about you and opening up your journey into greater self-discovery and satisfaction. 

The project is off to a great start and behind the scenes I’m hitting my groove with all this nonsense and will have items available to you the week before Thanksgiving. Because the week after thanks giving we’re off to Mexico! And we come back in December to discuss adventure mode and host the 7th annual @LivingSexy #NYE party. Mistress will be in attendance all weekend. Get your tickets, here