Summer Tour Dates - East/West Coast

Virginia Beach June 12-15

San Francisco July 17-20

New York City August 2-4

Washington DC - 24 hours notice required

Deposits required for all bookings. Don't even message me if you’re unable to do this. Industry fucking standard. Any Domme not charging a deposit? Well, you get what you pay for…

I was born this way. I’m an organic Goddess in all areas of my life and when I get to the dungeon I am an uncompromising Alpha Female teeming with psychic intuition and dripping with seduction. I am as nurturing as I am firm. A session with me is one you will never forget. It will become a memory you return to time and again and it will make you wish you could serve me full time for the rest of your life. Don’t believe me? I dare you to try and escape my inescapable grip. My power, intelligence, beauty, sophistication, and grace will leave you speechless, except maybe for a humble “thank you.”

I value sincere submissives and welcome all ages, races, orientations. The one thing I don’t negotiate is my rates. I do not offer one hour sessions. 90 minutes minimum. You will get what you deserve from our time together and I will get what I want from you. I am a lifestyle as well as a professional Dominatrix.

If you value our time together you will book in advance. Start by sending a polite introduction email to Before you send it however, make sure to follow me on all my social media - instagram, twitter and Facebook. Just goggle Domina Vontana. I’m everywhere. Mistress will be able to tell whether you have done your homework. Familiarizing yourself with my current projects and adventures is a good way to impress the Mistress and make sure that she will prioritize your booking.

I am open to most scenes. My only hard limits are the usual ones. I adore negotiation and like to watch you squirm. My screening process is fun and personal. I do all my own administration so always respect my time. You have know idea the absolute crap that burns my eyeballs daily. My inbox is a landing pad for the toxic and lonely erotically obsessed. And the occasional sincere submissive who wins my heart with his loyal devotion and innate ability to serve and surrender. Is that you? I hope so. Send me a message.