Sissy SummerCamp - Packing List

Hi Ladies, Below I've shared some ideas and suggestions in the form of a fantasy letter maybe? lol I mean every word of it - but you don't have to take it that way. A submissive who comes with their own ideas has something to offer. Remember, blank slates are boring. Once you make the deposit and we speak on the phone W/e will go over the following together and Mistress will make sure you have what you will need to enjoy your time to the fullest. We're already starting to book up. The idea has been well received. Mistress knew it would be.

Looking forward to spending the summer in my favorite place with my favorite girls. The following are items I would pack for a weekend with my fellow Goddesses, and likely items they would being also. In story form, I have shared this information as well as a few house rules that are pretty standard for my kinky lifestyle. Other protocol is based on my experience in the dungeon as well as the health conscious lifestyle and I ask these things of you because I think they are important and Mistress believes these choices will improve our time together and your exploration of your femine side. 

Story Time...


Sissy Summercamp Packing List - Be. Do. Explore.

When I was a little girl, I loved the ritual of packing for summer camp. My parents sent me every year to the little compound up the road full of earnest young Christian children, eager college age counselors and righteous adults.

This is not that summer camp. Do you hear me Sally? Regina? Dorothy?

At this summer camp you come as you are, who you really are. It doesn’t matter if she shows up in a black trash bag because that’s the only way you can sneak her out of the house. We will find a way to put her back together again.

So what is in this bag? What goes in every good girls suitcase for summer camp?

Well every girl will need the following:

A towel, sunscreen, toothbrush, toothpaste. Floral scented shampoos conditoiners and lotions are made available for all guests.

Every special girl will need the following:

Wig cap, half a dozen pairs of pantyhose (at least), face razor, body razor, exfoliator, makeup remover, baby wipes, eyelashes, silicone inserts (breasts), bra, panties, slip, satin tank, shoes (one pair each, boots, heels, flats). If any special girl feels another choice fits her personal style more then she is invited to bring those items with her. Use of cell phones is discouraged during your stay.

Basic wardrobe requirements are two sarongs, one for the body and one for the head. Head coverings are elegant, very feminine and strongly encouraged during your stay at summer camp. Wigs are excellent choices for nights out and your photography session. Clip on earrings are reccomended but may be more difficult to locate so shop online or shop early. Thrift stores often have a few pairs of clip on earrings.

If there are any items you wish to donate to our closet at summer camp you are welcome to bring those items with you and if they are useful and fill a need in our collection we will happily keep them for you. You may return at any time to retrieve your items.

Your host, Domina Vontana, is a Goddess. This Goddess serves beauty and discipline. Heavenly beauty and Eartly discipline. Protocol requires that all guest present gifts to the Hostesses upon arrival. This is the first ceremony. Guests also change clothing at this ceremony. Have at least the two sarongs ready to go when you arrive and make sure to wear appropriate undergarments upon arrival, because you will be stripped and made to dress to the specifications of the head Mistress. Chastity is strongly encouraged. Please place the device on your body prior to arrival.

Wine is encouraged. Domina Vontana’s favorite wines are Savignon Blanc and Sangiovese. Hard liquor is not permitted. Smoking cigarettes is discouraged and must be done outdoors at all times. All cigarette butts must be disposed of in the proper container. Perfume, incense and sweet smelling flowers should be in every room during your stay so come prepared to contribute to the atmosphere of summer camp. Oils that contain anti bug properties are strongly encouraged as well as soothing scents. General recommendations include Tea tree, sweet orange, grapefruit, rosemary, jasmine, geranium, vanilla, bergamot, and lavendar.

Guest are encouraged to bring a water bottle and a baseball cap or large brim sun hat  to protect against exsposure. In addition a beach towel is recommended. If a photo shoot is part of your sissy summer camp experience then bring the items with you and make sure they have been pressed and are camera ready on the day of your sitting.  All meals will be vegetarian except for the closing ritual and dinner. Most meals are also gluten free. If you have any allergies you must let the hostess know before booking. All reasonable accommodations will be made however meat is not permitted except for at the closing ritual. All meals are prepared and eaten as a group.

Daily activites are determined in the morning by team consensus between hostesses and guests, collectivey known as the sisters. Participation is not mandatory, but taking emotional and psycholocal risks that you have contemplated for some time are stronly encouraged. Gentle but firm is the approach that guides all our actions, even in the midst of a heavy S/m scene. Most things are not given enough time, but at SSC (Sissy SummerCamp) time is what we have and time is what we take. Practice lounging like a Goddess, or cleaning like a real maid. You know what you need. Domina Vontana and her team of hostesses are here to remind you that you are worthy and provide you with the opportunity to be, do and explore.