Service Positions for the Sisters of the Closet Women's Circles

Every planet retrograded this year.

It’s the start of winter. Not fall. There was no fall this year, or spring. There was only rain and a brief bittersweet summer.

My Lilacs didn’t bloom until last month. And today it’s a windy, chilly 45 as the winter storms take over and the creeks never went down once this fall and as above, so below.

So since the announcement about the women’s circles I’ve thought alot about what the intent for these ceremonies is and I want to share with you what I’ve found.

Goddesses - self care

CDs - service

That's simple enough, right?

And I'm not apologetic about the fact that the reference to the word "closet" in the name is both kitschy and intentional. I think fashion is a weapon and beauty is the only reason for existing. But don't be fooled, I have a very broad definition of what makes something beautiful and I endeavor to indulge in all the styles as often as I can whether it's covered in crusted river mud ankle deep in sludge dripping wet in the middle of summer or clicking across a marble hotel lobby in a pair of expensive (read comfortable enough I can actually walk in them all night) heels. There's a definite visceral edge to what I consider beautiful. I can't do cute. I've tried. It makes my feel like I want to crawl right out of my own skin because that shit is not who I am that's what submissives are for.

Last week I sent my friend Neptune a video of a female wrestler who mixes voodoo ceremonies with her performances. Similarly I want to fuse the Femdom lifestyle with the tradition of women’s circles. Wrestling, Voodoo, D/s and women’s circles. This stuff has all been around in one form or another since the beginning of time.

I picture femdoms seated in a circle, stroking the heads of the submissive bound and lying in their lap.

Vows of silence for the duration of the evening are prerequisites for service. Crossdressers speak only when spoken too and the Goddess need no rules they make the rules.

Are you starting to catch on? Starting to see my vision?

Positions for service include:

Fire keeper

Gate keeper/Greeter

Tea service

Set up

Clean up


If you need to use the community closet prior to the ritual you will need to contact me directly and set up an appointment in advance.

That’s all for now. The birthday celebrations continue and I want to get back to it. Last night was quite the scene. Corsets, red bottoms, legs for days. That’s why I think I do it. A man’s legs almost always look amazing in a pair of heels. At least I think so. During college I took an art class once. I failed at form but I could sketch in line for days.