"For Me" this may be the end, of the angry #poetry

Them were the glorious


We had our way

Cowl trippin

Thru the thin and the frame

You thought you knew my name

But you were short trippin on

Some high dollar fame


I tire

I retire

From cooking for me

Doing right by me

Bustin this hitachi at midnight

Fuxking me

Weren't you suppose to be there for me?

What kinda gold gilded bullshit could this be

All I ever wanted was you and me

I'm tires


I tired of cooking

For me

You were suppose to

Appreciate me

I'm tired of sleeping w me

Weren't you suppose to be the one to ho ho hold me?

This life is lonely living with just me

But it's still better than sacrificing me

So you can act like a homey

I'm tires of doing it all

Weren't you suppose to be there

For me?


For me

For me

I do all this shit for me

Bc it's better than being lonely

No way I'm gonna live

With you disrespecting me

Come on baby

I need someone to touch touch touch me

Fuck you

You didn't do a single cent of this

For for me

For me

I not alone but bay

You abandoned me

For me

For me

I do it all for me

I need some relief

Fuck you

You never cared about me

You left me lonely

Rather get High

Rather lie

I rather defy

Than comply

Bc your life is broken eloquently

Shattered glass all around me

Bleeding red

Broke as hell

Getting kicked out of

Even a hotel

Some prince of Siam you is

Can't even keep a roof over your misses

For me

For me

You do it all for me

For me

For me

I'm tires of doing it all

For me

Fuck you

I never knew you

You never knew me

For me